Saturday, March 7, 2009


I wanted to share an idea with you that we did one year. With all the financial problems and issueS our country is having today I thought this might be something some of you would like to do.

I don't remember the exact year we did this. We had all 4 children at home, and it was a tight time (financially) for us. Vacation time was rolling around and we did not have the funds to take a vacation as we normally did.

We've always been one who sees the glass half full & not half empty, and we believe in making Lemonade out of Lemons. SO..........

We decided to vacation at home in Tulsa!!!

  1. We would get up every morning and go out to breakfast and then begin the sightseeing and activities we had chosen for the day.
  2. We ate lunch and dinner out each day.
  3. We would return home at the end of the day and fall into our own beds to sleep.
  4. The next day we would do the same and so on.

Even though we had lived in Tulsa a number of years there were a lot of places and things to see that we had never taken the time, or had the time, to visit. This was our time to do just that.

We had a wonderful time and now that all our children are adults they will all tell you this is one vacation that they remember along with the trips to Disney World , Grand Canyon and various other trips we took during those years.

I posted about this and the places we visited that year in Tulsa back on June 6, 2007.Go here if you'd like to read that post:



  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! We are in a great area to do the same thing and with money being tight, we just might vacation at home this year!!
    Blessings ><> Melissa

  2. How economical is that?! Especially when we have so many attractions right in our own 'neighborhoods'.

  3. We did that a few times and it was great. It was a good way to see some of those places that we heard about but never went too.

  4. i think this is a wonderful, we live in a small town and are an hour to a few hours from any attractions...i would have to be really creative for this one. :D

  5. this is so perfect, what a great idea!