Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Clothesline

Since Spring is beginning to show its sweet head I thought I'd post about the clothesline that we put up last year.

Using a clothesline has many benefits: it not only cuts down on the electricity bill but it gets you out into the fresh air and your clothes smell wonderful!!

When I first told Mickey I wanted a clothes line he wasn't too thrilled at the idea. After a trip to price timbers for poles and cross bars, etc. it was like most things and was getting more expensive by the minute...oh and the cement to set it in, etc.

After we got home I went out in the back yard, came in and said, "Can't you just string me a little line between those two trees." He wasn't too thrilled about the idea. At first he thought he'd have to move his bird house but I pointed out it was just the two of us and I didn't need anything big or fancy.

He went and bought a clothesline wire that is covered with vynal and......as simple as that ......... I had a clothesline. YEAH!!!

Picture from last August when the line was put up.

So look around your yard and see if there isn't some way to run some clothesline wire and enjoy another frugal step in simplifying our lives and cutting our costs.

Another frugal tip...use an ice cream bucket to hold the clothes pens. I seem to find multiple uses for these ice cream buckets. Clipping it to the line you can just move it along as you are hanging up the items. This way I didn't have to keep bending over and deal with my back. It had been about 39 years since I'd hung clothes on a line!!!

This was my first small wash and it dried in 1 1/2 hours. Mickey teased me that it would have taken 30 minutes in the dryer. Right...but I wonder how much electricity I saved?

Anyway, I am still delighted with my little clothesline. Who knows.....I may even start wearing aprons again but I hope I'll NEVER have to give up the washing machine :o)


  1. We have had a clothesline since we moved here. There is nothing like sheets that have hung out to dry!

  2. I grew up having to hang the clothes on the line for my mom. It wasn't my favorite chore let me tell you.
    I do hang clothes in my laundry room to dry sometimes. I haven't ventured into Clothesline land again. But may tiptoe in one of these days. Keith will probably be like Mickey and be pretty relunctant. I'm proud of you for giving the clothesline another shot. Love the pictures.


  3. You're right! Gotta have that washer! We don't have a yard to hang a line. However, when the weather gets a little warmer and we have our garage door open we'll be able to hang some in there. Love that smell.

  4. I hang my clothes to dry every week. Don´t even have a dryer. But with our weather here, it would not even be right to use a dryer. On normal days, my laundry drys in about one hour, but in the summer time it can be as quick as half an hour. The one time I wish for a dryer is in the winter when we have drizzle rains....

  5. As part of our Pilgrims Day the other day we put out a clothes line. Bethany washed her own clothes with water and scrubbed them on the rocks....way cool. She was hooked on using a clothesline immediately....in Phoenix it's a great way to save electricity and cut down on heating up the house....plus your clothes are dry in about 10-15 minutes!

  6. The best part about ice cream buckets, is the 'emptying' part:)

    I just realized we have two perfect posts 'begging' for a line to be strung across them! I'm so excited. Sad this is such a 'new' thing.

  7. I love my clotheline! I don't use it for everything (prefer the dryer for towels) but should probably use it more. Mine is between two big trees and I had a bit of a fight last fall when my husband was contemplating cutting down one of them. He agreed to have it cut down above where the line comes in, but so far the whole thing still stands.

    Only down side about using the clothesline is that I feed the birds and get lots of them. Well, you know, every now and then one of them shows himself to be ungrateful..and well, you know.

  8. Looks great!!

    Even on a small balcony you can hang laundry to dry... I use a drying rack purchased at Walmar for $10, and it holds a full load of laundry. I also use it inside during the winter to hang jeans and bath towels, because they use so much energy in the dryer.

  9. I've been using a clothesline in late spring, summer and part of autumn for about 9 years now. My husband set up a line going from the house to two points in the yard. I have about 35 feet of line.

    Great idea about the ice cream bucket for clothes pins. :o) Never thought about that. I use ice cream buckets for other things, why not this?! :o) Guess that means we have to eat more ice cream. Twist my arm!


  10. Our weather forcast sounds like good clothes drying weather this weekend. So, I need to get back into the habit of using my clothesline.