Friday, March 27, 2009

More Saving Electricity

To piggy back on Joy's excellent post yesterday on the above captioned topic:

I went to the web site of our electric company and couldn't find a thing, even after typing in the search words: peak hours. They did have a way to e-mail them and leave a message, which I did last night, and received an answer this morning. To quote: "Your rate is not different for different hours of the day. Our heaviest load or demand for electricity is from 2:00pm to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday from June to October." They did furnish me with the breakdowns for both summer and winter rates based on usage. In the summer they increase the rate for all usage over 1350 kilowatt hours and in winter they reduce the rade in 3 steps, the first after 475 milowatt hours, then 775 kilowatt hours, and then anything over that even less.

Thanks Joy for making us aware of this so I could check it out. I'll be curious to hear what the rest of you find out.

For some additional ways and things I do to save on electricity:

  1. Don't use dishwasher except when I have a large dinner party with a lot of guests.
  2. We keep our house thermostat on 79 degrees in the summer & 72 degrees in the winter during the day. At night we turn it up to 82 degrees in the summer and down to 65 degrees in the winter.
  3. We have and use ceiling fans in every room of the house. LOVE THEM!!!
  4. I never use "Hot" water in the washer - seldom use "warm" - usually use "cold".
  5. We have replaced all light bulbs we could with the low energy saving bulbs. They cost more up front but last longer and save in the long run.


By the way: we are getting some much needed rain I'm not using the clothes line but my dryer. Sure nice to have it as a back-up when needed :o)


  1. Hi Susan,
    Yes, I checked out our Elec. Co. too. I'm still studying on it as our's has different plans we have to sign up on that will benefit us according to our personal elec. usage. At least that's where it took me when I searched "peak hours".

  2. Thanks--more good tips! I have yet to go on my utilities web site. I'd say I better get to it.

  3. Sounds like every electric company has different guidelines for KWH usage. Knowing what the guidelines are and how they calculate the bill each month based on usage, helps us be better stewards.

    My electric company is Entergy and it has a different rates for the peak/off peak hours.

    Interesting to see how others are set up.