Thursday, March 12, 2009

Microfiber Cloths

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I saw an article in Good Housekeeping on the subject of recycling in latest issue, and one topic caught my attention: "Smart Ways to Reduce and Reuse." In particular, the first item in this short list of eight suggestions talked about microfiber cloths. The article stated that one such cloth, before it needs to be replaced, can take the place of sixty rolls of paper towels. Did you hear that? Sixty ROLLS. Even if that's an exaggeration, that's a lot of paper towels we could save by using one of these cloths instead. The last time I bought paper towels, I noticed they are getting quite pricey.

I'm glad I read this article because it reminded me that perhaps I overuse paper towels for too many things. So I went and dug out the package of microfiber cloths I bought a good bit of time ago at BJ's. It was a pack of 25 and there are a bunch of them still left. So far we've just been using them for dusting and washing windows, but there are so many more uses. They are washable, absorbent, and gentle. They can be used wet or dry. Here are ways you can save on paper towels and save a few trees:

1. Cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass doors. You usually don't need a spray cleaner with them, another savings.

2. Gentle enough to use on your eyeglasses. Cut one up and make it smaller.

3. For dusting, of course.

4. Absorbing spills.

5. Wiping counters.

6. Washing the car. Polishing the car.

7. Cleaning the computer screen, glass surface on copiers, etc. and cleaning your phones, ipods. They don't scratch these surfaces.

8. Cleaning most of your appliances without needing to use abrasives or cleaning solutions.

9. Haven't tried it but I'll bet they're good for polishing shoes.

Got any other suggestions? Let us know! Oh by the way: Cutting up my husband's old white cotton tee shirts works good for a lot of these uses too! A friend of mine swears by cut up tee shirts for cleaning her eyeglasses.

Also on the subject of saving trees, the article pointed out that we could save on paper by not being so quick to print out a page when we could just jot it down on the back of something that we've already printed. Also, we could cut up once-used printed sheets and use the backs to write down notes, keeping some handy near the computer or telephone
. Or use the backs for shopping lists. Hey, use them for paper projects for the kids, too!!


  1. Thanks for the great post, Maxine. I bought some tea towels (dish towels) out of them some time back and did not like them for that because they did not seem to dry very well, so I went back to the terry type. I remember the plain white cotton towels we use to emboidery something on too!!!

    Anyway, after reading your post I'm going to buy some more and give them a try on all the things you mentioned.

    We save my husband's Tee Shirts and he cuts them up and uses them as rags for all kinds of jobs in his garage and workshop. I think I'll go right now and pull some out of his rag box and cut me a few to use in the house!! Funny how we can miss things right under our noses.

  2. Great post! I do use them in my cleaning business. I will confess that my last roll of paper towels are being used! (Like how I weaseled out of that one?!)
    I'm with you on the paper ideas. We clean an office building and I have retrieved piles of good paper to print on the back sides of. Along with lots of perfectly good stuff to recycle and use in crafts I'm also working on making my own paper just for fun, so I've retrieved bags of shredded paper too. I guess now I'm labeled as a trash-picker...and proud of it! lol.
    Just to let you know, Maxine, each week I'm putting the most recent HH post up on Frugal Fridays ( so I will include its header at the top of your post.
    God bless.

  3. Maxine, these were great ideas!!

    I don't have any microfiber cloths, but what I use is old holey socks. I just cut (or tear) them up one side so they are flat, and use the inside for a nice scrubby surface. What I like about them, is I have so many, if I have a really gross job (like cleaning the drip pans on my stove top) I can throw one or two away instead of washing them.

  4. I take the Microfibers towel that I have and use it in my Sw*ffer thingie. You know where you cram the corners into it so it stays in place. I use that instead of buying more Swi*ffer refills.

    I still use way too many papertowels. I started buying the ones with half sheets. I think I use less that way. Some jobs just didn't need a whole sheet and I felt wasteful.
    But these Microfiber towels are great.


  5. I love these clothes- I found some bigger ones in the car department which cost half the price in the household department - so always check there- mine have been used over and over again- the only thing I would say do not wash them with towels or linty clothes as they pick that lint too- generally wash by hand or with cotton sheets- the dollar stores are fine too but I do like the bigger ones for cleaning- etc
    they will replace your paper towel- for most everything- hugs from Meme

  6. Many people say wonders of microfiber cloths. I think I wouldn't resist more.


  7. I like reusing envelopes I receive from junk mail. Most of the time, I can make my shopping list on the back, then put my coupons inside for things I will need that day. I also use microfiber for dusting and washing the windows, and I have a microfiber dust mop for my wood floors.

  8. Love this! Today,I just used the microfiber cloths that you gave me when I got married. I love the way they pick up dust. I use cut up Tee shirts too, so I like the idea of cleaning glasses with them!

  9. Wow, these were some great suggestions. I love those cloths, I didn't realize how many ways I could use them! Sure could use this tip.


  10. I use these as swiffer sweeper cloths and for mopping too! They're great! So glad to find your blog! I'll be following you!