Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friends of the Library

Visiting our local Library is a favorite outing for my girls and me. If someone recommends a book to me, I usually check the library's online catalog on my home computer. If they have the book I reserve it. They contact me via e-mail when it is available for me to check out. I walk in the door and go right over and pick it up.
When I go to the Library, I can't help but visit the Friends of the Library Room. This is a small store that is staffed by volunteers. People donate their gently used books and magazines and they are sold at a deep discount and the proceeds help provide additional funds for the Library.

Over the last couple of years I have let several magazine subscriptions expire. Every time I visit the FOTL Store there are current issues available for .25 and .10 for older issues. What a deal.

"Check out" the books I've purchased from FOTL recently:

The most expensive book in the store is $3.00 for hardbacks and $1.00 - $2.00 for paperbacks.
You never know what will be on the shelf when you walk in. I picked up a wonderful Quiet Time Bible and this autobiography of James A. Baker III that originally retailed for nearly $30.00... way more than the $3.00 I paid for it. I love to read Kay Arthur and saw one of her books in there and picked it up for $2.00. There is a children's section and cookbook/gardening section.
So visit your local library and if there is a Friends of the Library Store go check it out. You may find some good deals on books you want to add to your home library.
Let someone else pay can enjoy it for pennies on the dollar after they donate it.


  1. Oh what a great post and tips, Joy. I really needed this, because I've been one just to run to the Christian bookstore and pay retail. I live in a very small town and I'm not even sure what our library has to offer but you can rest be assured I am going to be checking it out.

    This is what I am loving about this new blog site......we can all learn so very much from each other, because it's for sure none of us know it all.

    Welcome to you, Joy.

  2. It may be that some do not have a Friends of the Library room since it requires quite alot of volunteers. But if they do have one it is definitely worth a look.


  3. Great post! I too let my subscriptions run out and just go read them at the library. A funny story: One mag. company called trying to get me to renew. They were trying to give me a screaming deal. She got a little miffed when I told her no matter what your deal is, mine is at the Library! If you can't top free, then it's not a deal, right?
    We don't have the FOTL that you mentioned, but we do have a section of books and mags that are always for sale.

  4. Hmm, I just came home from the library. I have never seen a section like that, and I suspect we don't have them--but now I will have to check!

  5. Thanks! Our friends of the library have a sale every few months or so, but they don't have a regular room open like that. But Ihave gotten great deals. Most books are $1.00. Also they have videos. Children's books are the best deals and they go first. Unfortunately, though, in the area of the country where I live (very liberal), there are very few evangelical books there. Only way out stuff when it comes to religion.