Saturday, February 14, 2009

Making Clothing Last Longer

Clothing can easily be a huge part of our budgets every month!! Here are a few tips to make your clothing last longer and keep your family looking good for less!!

1.) Buy jeans in the darkest color possible, and wash them with a bunch of faded jeans... they will be darkened and newer-looking for free!!

2.) You can do the same thing with new red clothes... faded pinks and reds will be revitalized. A little vinegar in the rinse water sets the new color.

3.) Pantyhose... Always buy the same brand and color. If you get a run in one leg, cut it off and save the good part. When you get a run in another pair, cut that leg off. Then you can put both pairs on at once and have a whole new pair!! (Don't laugh, no one will ever know!!) =)

4.) Nice boots are expensive but they can really dress up an outfit. I had to go to a court hearing a couple weeks ago, and when I got dressed I noticed the toes of my black leather boots were totally scuffed. It was a snowy day and polish would never dry in time.... so I grabbed a Sharpie and colored over the scuffs. It worked beautifully!!!! It stayed shiny even after walking through the snow, and has not worn off like shoe polish does. I fixed up my little girl's new black boots the same way!!

5.) Some tips for Laundry Day: Washing in cold water keeps your clothes from fading and shrinking... Turning everything inside out protects logos on tee shirts, and keeps fabric surfaces smooth... Zipping jeans keeps the zippers from breaking or damaging/ snagging other items... Air drying is the least damaging to clothes... but if you want to use the dryer, you can dry just long enough to fluff the items and remove wrinkles, and then take the clothes out and either continue drying flat, on a rack, or on hangers. This will keep them from shrinking and fading, as well.

6.) Oh yes, and no post on saving money on clothing would be complete, without my handy underwire bra repair tip!! You know how expensive they can be, and isn't it awful (and painful) when the underwire bursts through and pokes you!!

All you need is a hot glue gun. Push the wire back into place, and with one hand, hold the torn edges of fabric together, while squirting a glob of glue to cover the opening. Let it cool, and when it is still soft, press the glob of glue nice and flat, and keep holding it together until it dries completely. This repair is comfortable, doesn't show, and will last through several washings and air dryings. (Of course you are air-drying your bras, right?! =) They will last at least twice as long, that way.


  1. Hey, these are great! Number 5 is the only one I already do and I think number 3 is a scream. I've GOT TO TRY IT! Like you said--no one will ever know. Thanks for these.

  2. What great tips, Kristie!
    I don't wear pantyhose any more, but wow, what a great idea.
    I didn't think about #2 working the same as #1. I'll have to try that one.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  3. What a great post, Kristie. I especially love #3 & 6 and will be putting them into service.

  4. I loved the comment about the pantyhose and the boots. Pantyhose are so expensive and tear so easily. Thanks.

  5. I wish this blog were up about 3 weeks ago as I two underwires that went haywire within days of each other. It was not a pretty picture! What great ideas ladies. Looking forward to reading more and more and more! Blessings! Kathy

  6. I try to make our clothes last as long as I can. I like the idea for the bras. I hate when the wire comes through..ouch
    But I usually sew it back up, that works for awhile but it will come back through eventually so I will be trying the hot glue gun on mine tomorrow.
    Thanks for all the tips

  7. I loved the tip on the bras. I remember when I was younger my Mom would have a fit if her bras went thru the dryer.
    I've always hung mine up to dry too. I definitely believe they last longer.

    About the underwire. I've been known to snip them and just take them out if they are too uncomfortable.