Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good to the Last Drop

I'm sure everyone has noticed the way manufacturers are doing their packaging these days. The most noticeable for me is the upside-down squeeze bottles. From mayo, ketchup, and jelly to shampoo, lotion and makeup. And the way some of them are shaped, you can't get the top off...at least by unscrewing it.

Here's where I break out the scissors!

My makeup used to come in a small bottle, now it's in an upside down tube. When I can't shake, squeeze or cajole anymore out, I've been cutting the end off. I have gotten at least five more applications by doing this (I store it in a ziptop baggie so it doesn't dry out). The same goes for toothpaste. Unless you're the type that can flatten it flatter than a crepe', cutting it lengthwise can get you three, maybe four or more uses.

The list of items you can do this with is endless, and it just takes a minute or so.

~Adding a little water to shampoos and conditioners (or cutting into it if it doesn't unscrew).

~I use the same brand of lotion all the time. It's a pump type, so I know I'm definitely not able get all of it out. Rather than using my scissors on the bottle, I'll start on the next one for a several uses then turn the old bottle upside down onto the new one.

~What about the never-ending bar of soap. Always sticking the sliver of soap to the new bar, or saving all the slivers, adding a little water and remolding them.

~In the kitchen I liked the Bottom of the Jar segments I'd seen on the Rachel Ray Show where she'd add other ingredients to what was left in a jar that we'd normally just throw away. Dressings out of the last dollop of mayo. Marinades out of the last couple spoons of jellies.

Any other ideas you've done with squeeze bottles?


  1. Great ideas. I, for one, dislike the squeeze bottles. I want to get every last drop, or bit, of any product I purchase. Thanks for sharing these Brenda.

  2. I know what you mean. I do what you do. Oh, Tupperware used to have a very long-handled tiny-bowled spoon specifically for the purpose of getting out those last bits. I think they gave them away free at the parties in their grab-bags or for prizes. I don't know what I did with mine.

  3. Great ideas, Brenda. I especially like the idea of adding other ingredients to an existing bottle to get something else from it all while using the last bit right up! Often I will add a bit of warm water to shampoo and use it for either shampoo or body wash.

  4. Great ideas, Brenda! I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes to get the last drop of things! When I use canned soup in a recipe that also calls for water or milk, I put in the soup first, and then I pour the water or milk into the emptied soup can and get out the scrappings from the sides and bottoms and then pour that in.

  5. Those containers that will not let you unscrew the lid off really frustrate me. I usually do add a little water to pump soaps and shampoos to get the last bit out.

    You are so right though we're not able to use all of the product and just gaining entry will get us a few more drops.
    ♥ Joy

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    Heather =]

  7. When I did therapy with small children with fine motor and cognitive delays, I let them squeeze water out of the empty squeeze bottles to strengthen their grasp, to learn about cause and effect, and just for the fun of it. You can make it more interesting by adding a little food color.