Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi all!!! Seems like most of us have totally forgotten this blog. Or, like me, you've been too busy with lotz of other things!!! I just wanted to post a silly post to see if anyone was still coming by to read when we did post :o)
I went to throw this tub of lipstick away this morning and was teasing my husband saying, "Do you think I got my money's worth?" Then I decided to post it here so you would know I truly do walk the walk and not just talk the talk!!!

One of the tips I've given is to buy a lip brush and use your lip sticks for months longer by using all the wasted lipstick below the metal band. Here is my proof that I truly do this.


  1. Of COURSE we're reading! Color & Brand??? Great job, Susan. From the inside out we see you walking the talk, and we love it! : )

  2. I'm here. I am at the bottom of a tube and WalMart didn't have it. Now that's a tip I do need right now. Thanks.

  3. I use the lipstick brush too! I think you can get a few more months out of it if ya do.

    Yes, we are out here reading you!!

  4. That's a great tip, but I don't wear lipstick. I'll try to keep it in mind to share with others!

    Although, I guess it would work for chapstick! :)

  5. I'm here and reading! That is a great idea. Like I said in the previous post...good to the last drop (on the kisser--hehe!)
    I am always keeping my eyes and ears open for a frugal tip to pass on.

  6. I do this too, especially with my favorite colors. You can also do the same with some eyeliners (the kind that is twist up) A Mary Kay Lady taught me that! :-)

  7. Now I found something I can comment on. I have used a lipstick brush since I was in high school (way back in the stone age). I also take all the lipstick I don't like along with some vasoline--vasaline--sorry, can't spell that word.... pop it in the microwave in a bowl and melt it down. I have a couple of bowls full of lipstick that I use with a lipstick brush.