Thursday, January 7, 2010

Internet Shopping

If you enjoy shopping from your computer instead of shopping at stores, I read a really good tip yesterday that I want to share with you.

If you see an item you want to purchase at an online retailer, sign in and place the item in the shopping cart. Don't purchase it yet. Wait a day or two if possible. Some retailers will see it in your cart and notice haven't purchased it and will e-mail you an incentive to purchase it. You may get an extra percentage off. Not guaranteed, but worth a try if you are willing to wait.

Also, remember to create an account and shop thru You get cash back based on your total purchase and also they provide coupon codes. Checks are mailed quarterly.
You can also g**gle coupon codes and double stack some codes when you check out.

Example: Recently I had to order flowers for an out of state funeral. I went to
and decided to use 1800flowers. I also searched the Internet for a coupon code. I found one for free shipping. On a $100.00 order I only paid $80 after my cash back and the free shipping.

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  1. Wow Joy, what a great tip. I don't do much internet shopping but if I ever do I'm sure going to remember this one. Thanks so very much.