Thursday, February 10, 2011


My goodness, it's been almost a year since I've posted to this blog!!  Nice to know it is still hear waiting :o)

Previously, I posted about making a Liquid Laundry Detergent.  After doing so, and using it, I was not that pleased with the results so I then tried making a Dry Laundry Detergent and have been very pleased with both the ease of making it and the cleaning results.

So, one of the things I've done since being snowed in during our February Blizzard is making another batch. 

Here is the recipe:  Powdered Laundry Detergent
2 cups Fels Naptha soap, finely grated.  
1 Cup washing soda (not baking soda)
1 Cup Borax
Mix well & store in an airtight plastic container.

Use 2 Tablespoons per load.

This amount I have made will last me a good long time and is sooo very much cheaper than purchased laundry detergent.

Let me know if you try it, and if you like it.


  1. Maybe I will try the dry one of these days. I've just always done the liquid version. Great way to stretch the $$$$.
    ♥ Joy

  2. I was so glad to see a post had been made! This sounds like a great idea. I don't think I know what washing soda is, though. I see you're making good use of the bad weather!

  3. I did this recipe and like it. I agree, the liquid recipe didn't seem to work as well.

  4. My daughter still uses this recipie and says it does a good job and lasts forever, even with 3 active kids.

  5. I came across your blog on the Top Blog Christian Parenting site. Your blog is beautiful and refreshing. See you again soon. Blessings!

  6. Forgot to ask. Where do you get Fels Naptha soap?

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  8. This is the laundry detergent I have been using for about a year and I love it! You can also mix in a cup of oxi-clean for extra whitening and brightening.

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