Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Went Overboard at Costco

One of our favorite pastimes this summer has been enjoying the air conditioning and all the fun merchandise at Costco. The trouble is, our eyes have been bigger than our stomachs and we have been purchasing waaaaay more food than the 6 of us can possibly eat. Not only does Costco seem to have the nicest produce, so we bought a ton of it, we also had too much bread, yogurt, and milk on hand, and all were quickly approaching their expiration dates!! But I didn't want any of it to go to waste!!

One of the first things we did was gather up all the fruit-- especially bananas and nectarines-- and we cut it all up and put it into containers. I didn't have any lemon juice, but I did have a bag of limes, so we squeezed the juice over the fruit, and popped those into the freezer. We also threw our extra bread and some of the yogurt cups into the freezer.

So guess what we've been having for breakfast!! Every morning we throw a couple handfuls of frozen fruit and a couple frozen yogurts into the blender, along with a generous splash of the milk we needed to use up, and we have a delicious, healthy smoothie!! Then we grab some frozen slices of bread and toast those to round out the meal.

Absolutely nothing has gone to waste, and it is a refreshing way to start the day!!

Next on my list to use up is our over supply of eggs... I plan to make French Toast with the remaining bread, and maybe even serve scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa for dinner!!

And to keep this from happening again, I plan to stick to my list and not let my kids talk me into buying so much, next time!!!


  1. Your solutions to the over supply are so smart and sound so tasty!!!. We love french toast and we often eat "breakfast" for supper in the evening.

  2. Love those smoothies, that is exactly how I make them either with milk or with orange juice added.

  3. Tell me about it. I've been there and done that, but I applaud you for finding ways not to be wasteful. French toast is one of my favorite ways to use up old bread and expiring milk. Another suggestion: I have an applesauce bread pudding recipe that I once posted on my blog which is another great way to use up old bread and milk.

  4. I think I must head down stairs for an immediate snack! That sounds so good!!!

  5. I have found when we buy some things in bulk that we don't even get 1/2 way through it and we're done with it. In some ways, yes, we save money at Costco (or other wholesale stores to be fair) and in other ways not so much or not at all. :)

  6. I actually like our bread better after it's been frozen, seems fresher tasting and moister to me.
    Added suggestion for those kiddos who want their crust cut off their bread or for the heels: I pop them in the freezer and when I get a good stash, I blend them into bread crumbs.