Friday, June 26, 2009

SHOW & TELL - Food Grinder/Chopper

WOW!! The last Friday of June. Where have the first 6 months of 2009 gone?!!! Going to fast for me. Well, it's time to participate in Kelli's Show & Tell again. Go here, learn all about it, sign up on Mr. Linky to participate, and then read all the interesting posts of things that others "Show" and "Tell" about.

Oh....I almost forgot....this is my first time to participate in Show & Tell from my Frugal Blog instead of Penless Writer!!

I want to show you my handy, dandy food chopper/grinder. This food chopper belonged to my mother and I truly do not know how old it is. I do know she used it a lot to prepare different things. She gave it to me in the early 70's, and I've used it a lot in the 30 some years since then. The wonderful thing about this food chopper is it works as good today as I'm sure it did when my mother first acquired it.

You can see from the extra blade on the counter that it has 2 size grinding blades. The smaller one, which is in the machine, is the one I use the most.

This is the side view and you can see it is electric. This is easy to use: you simply place the food to be ground in the upright stainless steel funnel. The wooden pedastal is used to press the food down. The ground food comes out the sideway piece into the bowl which you have placed under it.

It is easy to take dismantle to wash when you are done. It stores easily in it's own plastic cover and sits on the shelf in the cupboard about my kitchen vent light & fan.

The quality of the items that were made & purchased 50-60 years ago is so far superior to what can be purchased today. How many items you are currently using in your kitchen will be around, and operating just as well, in 30-40-50 years from now?

Tomorrow I am going to be sharing 2 recipes that I just this week made using this wonderful, handy-dandy food grinder. Please come back and visit then.


  1. I do agree with you that they don't make 'em like they used to.

    Here's my Show and Tell:

  2. Cool!!! I have my grandfather's meat grinder. It's a hand crank. Didn't know they had electric ones. Goes to show you how 'in the backwoods' I live. LOL

    My Show n Tell is stop by for a spot of tea, won't you? I'd love your company.

  3. We were talking about these at work yesterday and remembering the old hand crank ones our parents had. I'll be back for your recipes!

  4. Oh thats an antique food grinder. Its nice to have something that belonged to our mother. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I've never seen an electric one but I have seen the manual ones used and owned one when we had the farm. When I was growin g up, families raised and slaughtered their own hogs. Sausage was made by grinding up the meat in one of these and seasoning it. Then it would be fried just a little and canned. Also, we would grind up tomatoes for soup and sauces.Pardon the use of the word slaughtered. I do believe that today it is referred to as harvesting. My nephew makes his own venison sausage and it is very good.

    To comment on how well made things are today: we've had things that have lasted for over 20 years but a friend recently had to replace her dishwasher(3 yrs) and was told that they were only expected to last a few months now. That is crazy. We have become a throw away society and frankly, I don't like it. It is nice to see someone using items from the past.
    Mama Bear

  6. This is a really neat gadget!! I have my Grandma's blender-- it is one of the Oster ones with the stainless steel base-- and it, too, works wonderfully to this day!! I have made all my kids' baby food in it. =)

  7. Susan- I am in awe. We bought an electric meat grinder and are not impressed. I am saving for one from Lehmans. What a neat thing that you have and you are correct on things made more durable in times past.

  8. How wonderful to have such a handy item, that you actually use (actually using is the frugal part)

  9. I purchased an old hand crank one online about a year ago. I have yet to use it. I want to. There are so many parts and it didn't come with instructions. One day I'll figure it out.


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