Friday, June 5, 2009

Manicure/pedicure advice

Several of the blogs I read has talked about getting manicures & pedicures recently. That reminded me of a "trick" I've learned to do so wanted to pass it on here.

I always treat myself to a manicure & pedicure at the beginning of time for sandles!!! It is not something I can afford to do on a regular basis but I do allow myself at least this yearly luxury.

Instead of picking out a color at the salon I always take my own bottle of nail color with me for them to use. This little trick enables me to get several more weeks out of my manicure/pedicure by being able to "touch-up" the polish myself because it is my own polish.

You all may already be doing this.....but I thought it was worth posting here just in case anyone hadn't thought about doing this little.....ssttreacccccccchhh it trick.


  1. Susan - that is a brilliant idea! Like you - I do this at the beginning of the season but never thought of using my own polish. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Good tip. I've remembered to do that in the past a few time and it really is the way to go. Thanks Susan.


  3. Nice tip! I've never had mine professionally done--but if I ever do, I'll remember this.

  4. I had a bad experience once . i when for a pedicure to a parlor, initially thy stared off well n then it got unhygienic. it really put me off . thr tools n materials were all dirty. since thn i decided i would never go to a parlor for this. i thn can across this article which spoke abt the procedure of pedicure to do it home. it was so simple n easy. so since thn its only for tools, my material n my polish..