Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More With Less

This morning, I needed to find a recipe for a bread to make to go along with a meal to take over to a young mom who has just had a baby. Time is short, as usual, so I needed something quick, but felt it was also important that it be a healthy bread. So I turned, as I have time and again for the past twenty-five years or so, to a beat-up little cookbook in my kitchen utility cart drawer. You know what I mean when I say it's pretty battered. It cost me so little but I have got more than I bargained for out of this small investment. In fact, it has lived up to its title in a way different than was the intent of its being named as it was. This cookbook may be in your kitchen, but if not, I strongly urge you to make sure that it is before too long. Trust me, it will be worth it. I thought about the folks who come to this blog and felt I should take a few minutes out of my day to do a quick post to talk about it, knowing if I don't do it now I'll forget all about it and will never get around to it. I am pretty sure you ladies are of the sort who would appreciate it. I have marks and food stains all over pages in this book, and ditto the sentiments of a quote I found on another website about it:

"As I turn the pages of my More-with-Less Cookbook, the spots and stains and drips and smears tell me the value of a particular recipe. I call it my “scratch and sniff” cookbook. If the page is full of markings (food or otherwise), the recipe is most likely a good one, a tried and true favorite!"
— MKB, Newton, Kan.

What is this cookbook all about? Coming from the Mennonites, it was published in 1976 and addresses the North American problem of "consuming more and more food made up of wasteful calories and unnecessary packaging." It's full of recipes and suggestions on better and more nutritional eating habits while consuming less. I like it that the author was making an offering of ways for us to live more simply and "joyfully" while being concerned about the needs of a hungry world. This is a subject close to my heart, and I only wish I were more diligent in being less wasteful and more concentrated in my efforts to feed myself and family in such a way as to leave more for the needy. I would like to think I was making more of a contribution at least, and this cookbook is a nice tool in my hand to do that. If nothing else, it could at least help me to save money, and maybe some of that which I saved could be sent off to help feed hungry children?

Think about it. Perhaps you have been wondering if there were more ways you could make a difference. Maybe a purchase of the More-With-Less Cookbook would be a start. Honestly, I don't think you'd be sorry if you did. You can purchase it here at Amazon. You can also read more about it's philosophy here.

Thanks, gotta run!


  1. What a great cookbook Maxine. I'm so glad you posted about it. I've never heard of it, but I am VERY familiar with the MCC, it is based very close to me. I wouldn't doubt my mother in law has that book! Thanks so much!!!

  2. One more note! You can buy it on the MCC website - it is a little more expensive than amazon, but you know your money will be put to good use buying it from MCC. Here's the direct link: http://secure.mcc.org/mccstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6_1_13&products_id=11

  3. I have had a copy of this cookbook once, but in various moves, it didn't make the transition. I must obtain another copy!

  4. I've never had a copy, but I'm almost certain that I recognize that cover, just don't know where I've seen it. Thanks for the heads-up on it!
    God bless!

  5. Oh Maxine, thanks so much for this post!! I know this is one I have to have and will be getting one. I love the description of the stained pages....I have a few like that and they are the best books and have served the years well. Thanks again!!!