Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Than Soft Skin

A little bit ago I made a frustrated post at my blog. The topic: Mosquitoes!! I went out back to hang something on the line and give water to the birds, nice pleasant chores in the day of a housewife. When I came inside from that short trip, however, I had multiple bites on my arms and legs. It was after I was inside that I remembered something that I keep forgetting about: Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil by Avon. I heard the claims that it is an excellent repellent, tried it, and it has worked for me. In summers past I used it religiously and had run out. Then, I started using an insect repellent spray, which I later found is not good for the health. So, a few weeks ago I found an Avon rep, a young lady who I know, and bought some Skin-So-Soft again and I try to remember to use it, and not only if I'm going outside. Well, today I forgot when taking that quick trip outside and I paid for it!

It's not a product that you would necessarily call inexpensive, but if you dilute it, it will last for ages. I got one of those little spray bottles and mix about one part SOS and two to three parts water. Then, you spray it on the arms and legs, and you're good to go. The 24 oz bottle of the oil will then last for ages. Be careful with your clothes, though--it is oil and can stain. I hold the spray over the sink and spray it on my hands, and then rub the exposed parts of the body with it and then wash my hands good. The best thing to do would be to use it right after showering. And you'll smell good in the bargain!

You may think this is funny (though I didn't). After rubbing my already bitten arms, legs and neck with the SOS mixture today, I went into the kitchen to have lunch. Don't you know that a mosquito landed right smack on my face and I killed her right there! There on my cheek was a smashed mosquito with blood. Yuck!

Believe me, folks, it's been my experience that usually they don't come near you. This one was a daredevil. lol


  1. Thanks for this great tip, Maxine. I am not an Avon user but I do have a friend who sells it so you can bet I'll be asking her to get me a bottle. Especially I appreciate the tip about diluting it in the spray bottle. I know we don't post here on this blog much but the stuff we do is good!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Good suggestion! I have heard that about SOS but haven't used it before. In Phoenix, we don't have a lot of mosquitos, but the ones we do have are tough as nails, and it's good to know there's something out there. Repel a mosquito, and get soft skin in the process. Now that's a deal!

  3. Total thumbs up for SSS! Since we've moved to CO and because it was such a wet summer the mosquitos came out in droves.
    My sister has always had very dry skin so she's used SSS since she was very young and mosquitos never bothered her. Then several years back they realized how effective SSS was and she said No Wonder!
    Like you, she keeps some in a spray bottle and we've all used it this summer. She even sprays it on her dog!

  4. Great tip! Thank you for visiting my blog today. Blessings

  5. This is a good reminder about this product. We ar ejust coming into summer where we will spend eveings outside and those mozzies are such a nuisance. I had forgotten about the SOS. I must get some next order.

  6. I have the huge bottle of SSS. I love this stuff. It has lasted along time and I still have plenty left. We need it here in Texas.